What services does Clusaga offer?

We observe the big picture, analyse markets, to anticipate trends and to establish market positioning priorities and strategies.


1. Culture of innovation
Develop a culture of innovation and promote the dissemination and application of knowledge.

2. Promote the generation of added value
Through the development of new products and / or processes and safety and food quality.

3. Productivity
Improve productivity and sustainability and move towards the factory of the future.

4. Position in the market
Strengthen the market position; internationalization and adaptation to consumer trends.

5. Cooperation between partners
Strengthen the cooperation dynamics and networking among the partners of the Cluster, and consolidate the structure and projection of the Galician Food Cluster.


Our projects

  • E-commerce

    More information

  • INCluSilver

    Innovation in Personalized Nutrition through Cooperation in the Silver Economy.More information

  • New Frontiers in Food

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    Atlantic Area Healthy Food Eco-System.More information

  • SmartLabels

    Utilisation of new printing technologies for the manufacturing of smart labels.More information


    Strategic Industrial Digital Innovation Hub for Galicia.More information