About Clusaga

Galicia Food and Drink Cluster

Strengthening, empowerment, sustainable growth and improvement of competitiveness and internationalization of the Galician food sector

The food and beverage sector is strategic in Galicia due to its size and socioeconomic significance. In this context, the Galician Food and Drink Cluster (Clusaga) operates in an organized structure of the Galician food sector, integrating companies, research and innovation entities and other organizations into cooperation processes, to strengthen the sector. Clusaga's leadership is based on transforming plans into actions, finding the means to develop new ideas to improve the competitive position of its associates, with the consequent increase in profitability in a sustainable manner.

Its role is to look at the general panorama, anticipate trends, and establish priorities and positioning strategies; and promote cooperation with agreements, networks, and alliances between companies, as well as joint projects with other agents. In line with the above, Clusaga works to build the intangible value of the Galicia brand that, associated with food and beverages, is recognized, and valued internationally as excellence.


Cooperation and creation of opportunities for the food sector

Clusaga's main mission is to contribute to the strengthening, empowerment, sustainable growth, and improved competitiveness and positioning in the global market of the Galician food sector, through innovation, collaboration, and the creation of new business opportunities.


Position the food sector of Galicia as a benchmark of excellence

Clusaga is configured as a strategic instrument to position the Galician food sector as a global benchmark by promoting its competitiveness and linking it to the quality and excellence of the Galicia brand in food.

To this end, Clusaga, as the sector's unifier, aspires to bring together the resources and skills of the main agents in the food and beverage value chain to work collaboratively, effectively and focused on a common objective: taking advantage of the high potential of the sector for significant, sustainable, and innovative growth, which allows it to strengthen its leadership and its positive impact on society.


Collaboration, commitment, innovation, transparency and excellence

The main values ​​that inspire action at Clusaga and guide its actions have to do with collaboration, understood as teamwork aimed at a common objective; commitment, in the sense of the responsibility and enthusiasm that one has about the projects and the organization; innovation, in relation to the generation of new or improved processes or products; transparency, providing information in a clear, truthful and useful manner; and excellence, which means improving yourself day by day.


Four main objectives and an instrumental one are defined to enhance cooperation dynamics, parallel to competition, among all agents in the value chain.
  • Incorporate the cluster companies into the innovation and digitization strategy.
  • Strengthen the adaptability and market positioning of the cluster companies.
  • Incorporate the cluster companies into the circular economy and bioeconomy strategy to favor the transition to a more sustainable sector.
  • Promote the development of new sustainable processes and products and healthy, safe foods and promote more responsible consumption.
  • Consolidate the leadership of the cluster in the food sector.

Strategic plan

Defines five lines of action, hierarchised in three articulating axes (1, 2 and 3), a transverse axe (4) and an instrumental axe (5)


  • Line 1. Promotion of R + D + i and incorporation of companies to the innovation strategy
  • Line 2. Markets and internationalization; adaptation to changes in consumption and promotion of new models and marketing channels
  • Line 3. Promotion of sustainability and incorporation of companies into the circular economy and the bioeconomy


  • Line 4. Digital transformation and industry 4.0, recruitment and training of talent and entrepreneurship


  • Line 5. Reinforcement and projection of Clusaga