Clusaga projects and activities

Aftermovie. Galicia Food Forum&Awards 2023

GREEN VALUE 4FOOD, Clusaga's I Food Sustainability Forum

Aftermovie. "Na túa despensa" in Mercado de Abastos de Santiago

We are North

ML4Milk, Clusaga's project for massive data monitoring and analysis of the dairy sector

FoodTechINK, the project against food waste coordinated by Clusaga

The path to competitiveness. Clusaga strategic plan 2021-2025

I-Food 4.0. Industry 4.0 Grouped Projects in the food sector of Galicia 2021

SmartLabels, a project that facilitates the integration of smart labels in the wine sector

SmartLabels Project. Interview with Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana, Paco & Lola

Clusaga tenth anniversary

"Nunca choveu que non escampara". Thank you!

Made in Galicia. Clúster Alimentario de Galicia 2019

AHFES, European project led by Clusaga

Nutriage Project. Galician Food Cluster. Feeding a better life

This is Galicia. Clúster Alimentario de Galicia 2018

Partner testimonies Clusaga

Interview with Queizuar

Interview with Jealsa Foods

Interview with Paco & Lola

Interview with Torre de Núñez

Interview with El Nogal

Interview with Larsa

Interview with Daveiga

Interview with PGI Vacún de Galicia

Inteview with Pazo de Vilane

Interview with the Regulatory Council of PDO Mexillón de Galicia

Interview with Freshcut

Interview with Grupo Entrepinares

Interview with Cuevas y Cía

Interview with Lence

Interview with Corporación Laber

Interview with Harinas Reyes

Interview with Hijos de Rivera

Forum and Galicia Food Awards

Galicia Food Forum&Awards 2023

Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2020

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2019

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2018

Galicia Food Awards 2018 - TVG

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2017