Galicia Food Awards

Awards Galicia Foodn

Awards for entrepreneurship, cooperation, innovation and internationalization

The purpose of the Galicia Food Awards (Premios Galicia Alimentación) is to contribute to the promotion of Galician food products and beverages, as well as of the projects, companies and related institutions, improving their image and position so they acquire a relevant importance both within the food industry and in the society in general.

The aspects that are considered to grant these awards are the associative or business career, the transfer of technological knowledge and R&D in the products, as well as the processes that improve the quality of life of consumers, socio-economic relevance, their international impact or their innovative character.

Self-employed people, micro- small and large enterprises having their headquarters or production centres or exercising their marketing or manufacturing activity in Galicia may be recognised in the contest, as well as Galician institutions or institutions located outside the Galician territory developing activities for the benefit of Galician food products; such products must be transformed in Galicia or have Galician origin.