Clusaga projects and activities

SmartLabels, a project that facilitates the integration of smart labels in the wine sector

SmartLabels project. Interview with Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana, Paco & Lola

Clusaga tenth anniversary

Nunca choveu que non escampara. ¡THANKS!

Made in Galicia. Food Cluster of Galicia 2019

AHFES, a European project led by Clusaga

Nutriage Project. Alimentary Cluster of Galicia. Feeding a better life

This is Galicia. Galicia Food Cluster 2018

Galicia Food Cluster. Know us!

Estratexia 2020

Galicia food & drink

Presentation of the Galician Food Cluster (Chinese)

The food factory of the future

Madrid knows Galicia

Galicia in Malasaña

The food comes in through the eyes. The eyetracking

Partner testimonies Clusaga

Interview with Aceites Abril

Interview with Frigoríficos Arcos – A Pulpeira

Interview with Real Conservera Española

Interview with Congalsa

Interview with Kiwi Atlántico

Interview with Casa Grande de Xanceda

Interview with Cafés Candelas

Interview with Daveiga

Interview with Calvo

Interview at Granja Campomayor

Interview with Portomar

Interview with Vegalsa Eroski

Interview with Palacio de Oriente

Forum and Galicia Food Awards

Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2020

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2019

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2018

Galicia Food Awards 2018 - TVG

Gala Forum and Galicia Food Awards 2017

Galicia Food Awards 2017 - TVG