Clusaga develops actions to promote entrepreneurship linked to open innovation in the value chain.
The Clusaga Strategic Plan includes the promotion of innovative entrepreneurial entrepreneurship as a strategic measure, including the following actions:

  1. Preparation and dissemination of information regarding resources, sources of financing and support measures for entrepreneurs in the food sector.
  2. Configuration of an innovative entrepreneurship program in the food sector, in collaboration with other entities (Business Factory Food).
  3. Organization of activities to facilitate open interaction of entrepreneurs with the business ecosystem of the cluster.

The aim is to accelerate new business projects, attracting talent, that provide innovative solutions to the Galician industrial secto, that are consolidated in the market with an international projection.


  • Food-scalEUp

    Development of higher quality business acceleration services in agri-food digital innovation ecosystems of innovative regions
  • BFFood

    Business Factory Food.