Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D

the development of new processes and more sustainable, healthy and safe foods

The promotion of R + D + i and incorporation of companies to the innovation strategy is an axis of the Strategic Plan of the Food Cluster of Galicia, associated with two outstanding objectives:

  • To incorporate the cluster companies into the innovation and digitization strategy
  • To promote articulation, mutual knowledge and collaboration between the agents of the Galician innovation ecosystem in the food sector

The most outstanding measures of action, in addition to the development of information services, prospecting and dissemination of knowledge, are the promotion of cooperation and creation of synergies between companies and research and technology centers, and the dynamization of collaborative and unique projects.

The promotion and dynamization of cooperative projects is developed within the framework of four working groups:

  • Innovative, safe and healthy food and ingredients adapted to consumer trends
  • New production and marketing models. Innovation in processes and technologies. Digitization
  • Sustainability, circular economy and bioeconomy
  • Logistics and distribution. Innovative, sustainable packaging adapted to consumer trends


  • SmarTZ4Milk

    Transformation of the Galician dairy sector and revolution in its competitiveness quotas through R&D&i
  • Hub4Food

    Strengthening the research, development and innovation capabilities of the food industry
  • Powerlog

    The first logistics platform for route optimization with AI
  • Net4Food

    Network of food excellence for innovation and sustainability of the sector
  • Net4Food

    Network of excellence for innovation and sustainability of the food sector
  • MEATwin

    Improving the competitiveness of the meat sector and transition towards its digital leadership
  • DIG4.0VO

    Biotechnology, sustainability and advanced digitalization to improve the competitiveness of the poultry sector
  • VitIA 5.0

    Application of AI in wine making processes to improve competitiveness

    Efficiency of production processes and reduction of production losses through AI