Clusaga develops actions to promote sustainability linked to open innovation in the value chain.

The promotion of sustainability and the incorporation of companies into the circular economy strategy and the bioeconomy is one of the axes of the Strategic Plan of the Galician Food Cluster. Among the strategic objectives related to sustainability are:

  • To ncorporate the companies to the strategy of the circular economy and the bioeconomy to favor the transition towards a more sustainable sector.
  • To promote the development of new sustainable processes and products as well as healthy and safe food, to promote more responsible consumption.

The prioritized thematic lines within the framework of the strategic axis of sustainability are the reduction and sustainable management of waste, the reduction of food waste, sustainable production (sustainable supply, calculation of the environmental footprint, optimization of the use of resources). Actions related to energy are also carried out, focused on reducing consumption and promoting alternative sources; to the valorization of by-products; and minimizing the environmental impact of packaging.


  • B-Resilient

    Opening opportunities for agri-food SMEs to deploy new business models and bio-based services

    Exploitation of the R&D&i potential on the nexus of water technologies and digitization to respond to the challenges and needs of the food sector