Support service for the improvement of environmental sustainability and adaptation to the circular economy

that guarantees sustainable growth over time and adaptation to new regulatory, social and environmental requirements.

The Circularize service contributes to the necessary change in the business models of food and beverage companies, allowing them to adapt to environmental regulations and guaranteeing their sustainable growth. In addition, it implies the possibility of finding new opportunities for innovation in products and services, and that companies experiment and develop greater efficiency and proximity to the consumer.

Phase I, "Diagnosis, identification of opportunities and recommendations", consists of carrying out a preliminary evaluation questionnaire adapted to the sector, and in a series of open questions that allow knowing the motivation, the ecological transition actions already implemented and the challenges and needs that each company faces. Subsequently, a sustainability and circularity diagnosis is carried out through a specific questionnaire and the diagnosis report is delivered with conclusions that identify areas for improvement and that make recommendations to improve sustainability, prioritizing future areas of action.

Phase II, "Action Plan and Coaching for implementation", consists of the development of action plans in the different areas determined in the evaluation of Phase I, for their subsequent implementation by the hand of experts, advising and guiding each action during the development of the project and later. This phase is structured in five different service modalities:

  • Design of a Sustainability Action Plan.
  • Design of a Circular Action Plan.
  • Ecodesign for Circularity.
  • Pilot of Circularization of the Business Model.
  • Tailor-made Circularity Service.

This service has been developed from the support received in the initiative "Towards a green transition" of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform funded by the European Commission, which aims to promote skills and knowledge in European clusters for the transition to a green economy .