Support service to improve sustainability and adaptation to the circular economy

It guarantees sustainable growth over time and adaptation to new regulatory, social and environmental requirements.

Circulariza is a service that facilitates the green transition for food companies, allowing them to discover their potential to make their contribution significant from the focus of sustainability and the circular economy, while favoring their incorporation into the bioeconomy.

Through Circulariza, companies will have the opportunity to anticipate the new regulations and standards in terms of sustainability, rethinking their use of water and energy, what is the recovery they make of waste, how to reduce their food waste, how to improve its strategy or achieve climate neutrality.

Circulariza is a service with three Modalities:

  • CSE. The Sustainability Diagnosis allows measuring, deepening and evaluating the degree of sustainable development of the company and the incorporation of circular economy processes. After the Diagnosis, companies can address the path towards the green transition and the incorporation of sustainability into their strategy, which makes up their Corporate Sustainability Commitment (CSE).
  • Reproverde. Support companies in their adaptation to climate change and in their immersion in the bioeconomy. The review of current processes makes it possible to redesign more sustainable and efficient processes that allow optimizing the use of resources (water and energy), addressing decarbonization and reducing emissions or improving waste and food waste management.
  • Ecointelixencia. Analyze the legislative framework of the company's activity, as well as its main competitors, with special interest in upcycling products. Identify possible suppliers or collaborative partners that allow creating synergies, strengthening sectoral alliances or industrial symbiosis for the green transition.