Business internationalization support service

Access to foreign markets is key to guaranteeing the growth and future prospects of companies in the food and beberages sector.

Exporta is a service that allows an analysis of the internationalization potential of the company and the detection of opportunities in the markets by extracting and interpreting information adapted to the client's needs.

The objective is to offer a professional and individualized service to provide companies with useful tools that facilitate decision-making in the adoption of measures that increase their competitiveness in foreign markets.

Exporta is a service with three Modalities:

  • Market Intelligence. It offers personalized information on markets to respond to the particular needs of each company on its international journey. Internationalization is a demanding process that requires continuous research and adaptation activity to identify and take advantage of the opportunities offered by foreign markets and make appropriate strategic decisions.
  • Internacionaliza. Support for companies to develop a complete internationalization plan, which includes carrying out a preliminary analysis of the company and a selection of markets according to its capabilities and objectives. Added to this is the definition of the entry strategy and action plan adapted to each market to increase the chances of success.
  • E-Consulting. Personalized coaching program focused on international target markets (both offline and online). The service is offered together with external collaborators and it focus is training in business internationalization, delving into the different strategies for entering new markets by type of channel, conventional and digital.