Support service for the definition and implementation of internationalization plans

which is presented as one of the key elements to guarantee the growth and future prospects of companies in the sector.

The Export service aims to provide individualized support to equip associated companies with useful tools that facilitate decision-making in the adoption of measures that increase their competitiveness in foreign markets. The development of the service is structured in three phases, although not all the modalities of the service include all the phases.

First, a preliminary diagnostic phase determines the potential for internationalization of the company in the target markets using a questionnaire. This phase is followed by a second phase of market intelligence in which the corresponding tailor-made studies or the definition of a complete international strategy will be prepared. Finally, in the personalized coaching phase, external experts provide their support and make recommendations for its implementation according to the defined plan.

The results of the service are reflected in a personalized report of which the content will vary depending on the modality:

  • Strategic international marketing plan with analysis of the starting situation of the company in the international arena, selection and prioritization of target markets based on the exportable offer and the needs of the company to minimize the chances of failure. It includes the characterization of the target markets, the detection of new business opportunities and recommendations focused on the identification of possible commercial partners at the destination.
  • International ecommerce strategic plan with the support of experts. The document will include information and recommendations on B2B and B2C strategies prioritized by both channels and markets.
  • Market sector reports. This modality focuses on the analysis and prospecting of markets and consumer trends, analyzing the value and volume of the markets, the evolution and other foreign trade data, as well as the competitive landscape and consumer trends, among other aspects.