Competitive intelligence tool by analyzing products, consumers and competitors

with implications in the processes of innovation and commercialization, which allows guiding the strategy of companies.

Insights Market - Inmarket allows to obtain and systematize information from the global food and beverage market, establishing a competitive intelligence tool that allows knowing and adapting to the latest trends in the global food and beverage market, detecting opportunities and threats and guiding business strategy.

Clusaga carries out, using global databases, an in-depth analysis of markets and competitors, new launches, ingredients, packaging and packaging and other aspects that help to better understand the environment, applicable to the field of innovation, product or process improvement and marketing.

The service is complemented by Insights Consumer, which allows the study and analysis of consumer behavior and related consumption trends. In addition, with access to a real purchasing environment, Marketlab, which allows the analysis of the selection criteria at the point of sale. This tool facilitates, by means of a qualitative or quantitative comparative analysis, adapting products to consumer preference, with implications for product design, packaging or its own formulation.

In this way, Insights provides an individualized report that helps guarantee the success in the market of the products and associated brands, through market and consumer research, with implications in the innovation and marketing processes, optimizing the strategies to follow.