Support service for the definition and implementation of innovation plans

to help incorporate companies into the innovation strategy, key to guaranteeing the competitiveness of companies in the sector.

The Innpulsa service for planning and supporting innovation projects aims to contribute increasing the level of innovation of Clusaga food SMEs, increasing their competitiveness. Business innovation allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and gain an advantage over them if they manage to offer a product that better meets the needs of consumers, thus maintaining and increasing competitiveness.

This service consists of three phases:

  • Diagnosis of innovation or diagnosis of the state of digitization, which includes carrying out an innovation diagnosis that, using a standard questionnaire, analyzes different aspects of the innovation situation in the company (such as innovation in strategy and planning , the capacity for innovation, participation in R & D & I programs and future prospects). This diagnostic report will be complementary to the Innobench report. This phase can also address a diagnosis of the status of digitization.
  • Action plan, which consists of preparing a series of action recommendations for the company, focused on improving performance and innovation capabilities, taking into account the results of the innovation diagnosis. Support proposals from Clusaga will also be included to reinforce the company's own actions, as well as follow-up actions for the implementation of the action plan if the company so wishes.
  • Advice for implementation, which is advice to carry out specific actions in the innovation action plan, or recommendations for the diagnosis of technological innovation, which may include planning a project, establishing partnerships or seeking funding. This individualized advice may be requested by partner food companies that have or have not completed the first and the second phases.