Innstrategy allows defining a roadmap in the areas of innovation, technology and the business model

allowing the implementation of innovative solutions for a better competitive position of companies.

Innstrategy aims to provide support to partner companies in the definition of a road map with the definition of strategic lines and an action plan based on a prior individualized diagnosis in the fields of technology and an analysis of the business model (CANVAS) for the development of an innovative idea that facilitates an improvement in the competitive position.

The plan starts from the analysis of the information of the company and the competitive environment, and concludes a plan for the development of actions in the fields of innovation and technology, which lead to an improvement in its organizational model, its production processes and marketing and greater product differentiation.

At the same time, they will be able to receive advice on planning a project, identifying financing opportunities and support programs, and establishing alliances with collaborating partners.

In addition, the service offers on-demand assistance in a helpdesk format, solving questions and requests for information individually.