Competitive intelligence tool through the analysis of products, markets and consumers

that allows to orient the strategy of companies in the innovation and commercialization processes.

Insights service performs the extraction, analysis and interpretation of information according to the client's needs, through a competitive surveillance system that allows obtaining information from the global food and beverage market, depending on the type of products, strategies or markets. of interest. This information allows companies to identify elements of the competitive environment that can influence the development of the company, facilitate strategic decision-making in innovation or commercialization, and detect new business opportunities, responding to new market trends.

The service provides answers to the needs of companies through the tracking of new products in the market, analysis of key factors of each category, analysis of market evolution and identification of new ingredients, suppliers and formats, and consultation of current legislation. In addition, it allows to understand the consumer behavior and discover the main consumer trends.

The service consists of three modalities:

  • Analysis of new products, which allows the tracking of new releases and their characteristics that include categories and evolution, competition and suppliers in more than 90 countries. Knowing the news in the market and the positioning of the competitors is essential for a differentiation.
  • Consumer Analysis, which is based on research on consumer behavior and consumer trends. Understanding consumer needs, motivations and behavior is key to the development of marketing and innovation strategies.
  • Analysis of innovative ingredients and legislation, which includes both the analysis of trends and innovative ingredients, as well as legislation and consumer information. These resources are useful for market entry and positioning.