Competitive intelligence service through the analysis of products, markets and consumers.

It guides decision making by increasing brand positioning and product differentiation.

Insights is a service for extraction, analysis and interpretation of information tailored to the needs of the client, through a competitive surveillance system that allows obtaining information on the global food and beverage market, depending on the type of products and markets of strategic interest.

This service is supported by the use of research methodologies, statistical and technological tools and official sources of secondary information, providing solid and consistent data that favors the search for competitive solutions and successful formulas for each client.

Insights is a service offered through two Modalities:

  • Market Insights. This Modality offers the benefits of tracking markets, products and ingredients, both in terms of their characteristics and the news in these fields, including categories and evolution, competition and suppliers, in more than 90 countries. Knowledge of new launches and the positioning of the competitors are essential for the differentiation of brands and products.
  • Consumer Insights. Through this Modality it is possible to study consumer behavior and consumption trends, analyzing market niches and segments of interest. Understanding the social and market context, as well as consumer motivations, are key to designing marketing and commercialization strategies.