In the training, coaching and mentoring programs, people are committed to professional development

to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the sector through training and collaboration.

Through various training programs and workshops, a strong commitment is made to innovation, access to markets, professional development of people and operational excellence to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the sector, thanks to training and collaboration.

Participants can attend various general training programs and specific training tailored to their specific needs that allows them to acquire the necessary knowledge for their development in the business field and specific technical knowledge.

These are complemented by specific coaching programs with the mission of applying the knowledge acquired to the specific situation of each of the companies through the action of specialized coaches. As well as a mentoring program, in the case of entrepreneurship projects, which will allow them to drive their evolution and guide them in their development of the value proposition. The panel of coaches and mentors is made up of experienced professionals from the sector and experts in the specific field of development.

Likewise, the courses, programs and conferences organized by the Clusaga favor the establishment of networks of relationship and collaboration between experts, students and companies, which transcend the training field, thereby responding to the objective of promoting sectoral competitiveness through collaboration.