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The Galicia Food Award for the business project of the year recognizes projects of particular or singular significance that stand out for its innovation in organization or production and business model, as well as its marketing strategy, with a value associated to the entrepreneurship.

The company granted with this prize in the first edition of 2015 was Portomuíños, for its business project of special relevance and uniqueness. His work is characterized by the search for new raw materials of the Galician sea, its constant innovation in product, as well as its unique strategy of marketing and internationalization.

In this second edition of 2016, this award was granted to Kiwi Atlántico and Freshcut, brand of the company Galifresh. The aspects that valued Kiwi Atlántico were the entrepreneurial value of the first partners, its quality policy, social and environmental responsibility declared by the company as fundamental bases of its identity, and its innovation policy. On the other hand, the reasons for granting the award to Freshcut were the socio-labor inclusion as special employment center, which seeks the labor integration of people from special groups in order to guarantee their social integration, as well as being a sustainable and committed with the environment company.

In the third edition 2017 the companies granted with the award were Casa Grande de Xanceda and Pazo de Vilane. Casa Grande de Xanceda, founded in the 60s as a small family beef farm in Mesía, built a few years ago the facilities where they transform that milk from their cows into yogurts, cheeses and other ecologically sustainable dairy products. Pazo de Vilane became a pioneer project in the production of egg from hens in Galicia, reactivating the rural economy, emphasizing the role and development of women. In addition, it promotes culture in the Ulloa region with the organization of social and cultural activities.