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The Galician cuisine stands out primarily by the variety and quality of its products. The thousand different landscapes that make up our country and hand wise and industrious of our men and women, combining tradition and modernity, are the perfect combination to get the product to the test in the most diverse tastes and demanding palates.

We looked inside and we come to mind our meats, the renowned Galician Veal, well accompanied by pork and chicken flocks. Our milk, outstanding quality, and its derivatives, especially the cheese is one of the biggest secrets that we Galicians. Our varied garden, our fruits and cereals. Honey, golden liquid sweetens our lives.

But we can approach the coast and enjoy our seafood. Plain or pickled, the intensity of flavour provides a unique and unforgettable experience. And appealing to the spirit of adaptation to the new times we cited earlier, our algae, once forgotten and today demanded from remote locations.

In such a wealth of flavours and aromas could not be immune to our kitchen. The desire to preserve, to enhance them if possible, led over the centuries to a drawing in which raw simplicity. The marinated, spices and additives are used by our cooks with caution Goldsmith. Preserving always the essence of the product, the intensity of flavour.

And what better companions gastronomy, our wines. The albariño, present letters of half the world, is the quintessential ambassador Galician at all detract from the entourage. Each year more and more global experts who walk their eyes and glasses for our wineries, witnessing the flavours and aromas that make Galician wines succeed at any point on Earth.