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IALIMENTec, Innovation in food and child nutrition from a virtual collaborative environment, seeks to promote the competitiveness of companies through collaboration in an open virtual environment (platform) facilitating the development of collaborative processes to support innovation, with a view to facilitate the preparation at the pilot level of new foods, or improved, intended for the child population by the food industry with the support of technology centers. Funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

The project will allow the pilot level development of new or improved food products, incorporating the demands, preferences and specific needs of the child population.

Five food SMEs associated with Clusaga participate in this project: Innolact, Campomayor, Portomuiños, Freshcut and Daveiga. The project also has close collaboration with GADISA distribution chain; the AEI of Nutrition and Health (AINS), which will boost the participation of food ingredients companies, as well as other relevant entities, such as: the Galician Agency for Knowledge Management in Health (ACIS), and the company of school canteens Grupo Hostelero ASUETO.