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The Innovation in Personalized Nutrition through Cooperation in the Silver Economy (INCluSilver) project seeks to respond to the needs of consumers belonging to the segment of the senior economy (that related to the population over 50 years old), through the construction of a framework of collaboration and support for SME projects that increase their capacity for innovation.

Goal of INCluSilver

The aim of INCluSilver is to support collaboration between key stakeholders in different sectors, particularly companies, that facilitate the development of innovative ideas in the field of personalized nutrition for the senior population. To achieve this, this project involves five key industries: functional nutrition, personalized medicine, mobile services, mobility and creativity.

The project will address seven challenges -that are: functional and nutrigenomic feeding; e-health; health policies and systems; determinants of diet and physical activity; diet and food production; information and social networks; logistics, design and packaging solutions and health policies and systems- and will promote the cooperation of the different innovation actors, creating the appropriate conditions to promote innovation and reinforcing the competitiveness of participating SMEs.

Resources available to participating entities

SMEs participating in the INCluSilver program have the possibility to obtain:

  • Direct financial support (through innovation checks)
  • Technical assistance (through support services for innovation and internationalization)
  • Individualized counseling
  • Advanced training activities, such as coaching or mentoring
  • Collaborative support and open innovation environment

INCluSilver partners

The INCLuSilver project includes the following partners (clusters of the food, health, ICT and creative industries and universities sectors): Skaane Food Innovation Network (Sweden), Food Cluster of Galicia (Spain), University of Surrey (United Kingdom), Danish Food Cluster (Denmark), Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Challenge (Ireland), Corallia Clusters Initiative (Greece), INNOSKART ICT Cluster (Hungary) and Agropolis International (France). The co-financing corresponds to the European Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program.