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The insights consumer analysis project: INCONSUMER; analyses consumer behaviour and trends related to businesses products and services. This is a tool for improving the launching of new products to the market, investigating consumer preferences with implications on product design, packaging or its own approach, its relationship with competition and its adaptation to the market situation.

Moreover, this service can adapt the existing products to consumer demand, through a qualitative or quantitative analysis, in order to improve them in different areas, that is to say, it is an essential tool for the marketing, R&D and quality control departments.

Companies can request an individualised report to help them ensure the success of products in the market through consumer research, allowing access to consumers (target audience) to receive an operated feedback about their products, services, brands and organisations, involving them in their innovation processes and optimising the strategies to be followed.

Estudo do consumo no almorzo Estudo do consumo de viño Estudo do consumo de peixe Estudo do consumo de froitas

Complementing the Inconsumer project an open-access research infrastructure called MarketLab was established, consisting of a linear reproduction of a lineal space of an average supermarket in a room where consumers are recruited to simulate their shopping experience spanning a number of variables of their behaviour. Furthermore, it analyses the behaviour and the emotional response of the buyer to certain stimuli activated at the point of sale using eye-tracking technology.

Currently, it also has a shopping virtual environment that simulates a physical linear space and that allows a much faster preparation of the basis for the study, placing the simulated products in the exact position, allowing them to carry out their virtual shopping in the most convenient way.

The analysis of data from MarketLab allows the companies to better know the consumer behaviour, the interpretation of the criteria for choosing the purchase at the point of sale and the testing of innovations in product, format and packaging, promotion and communication with the consumer.