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Innovation is linked at all levels of the pyramid of competitiveness and can be applied in any of them. Therefore, the Promotion of R&D and strengthening of the innovative capacity is the first line of the Galicia Food Cluster Strategic Plan, associated with two strategic objectives:

O1. Developing a culture of innovation, by supporting the cooperation and the implementation of collaborative projects between companies and technological and research centres, promoting the dissemination and application of knowledge.

O2. Promoting the strengthening and the generation of added value to the food chain in Galicia, by developing new products and/or processes and reinforcing the food safety and quality.

The action measures, in addition to the development of innovation support services and the promotion of a culture of cooperation between companies and technology and research centers, define three areas of action:

  • Innovative, safe and healthy food, adapted to consumption trends
  • New processes and technologies in the food sector integrated in the bio-economy
  • Intelligent management systems and new, more flexible marketing models

The dynamization of projects in these areas is the objective of the cluster's technological and competitive intelligence unit (unitec).