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The Galicia Food Award for the innovative product of the year recognizes the differentiated quality through the development of new products characterized by its innovation, commercial potential, its design, its possibility to add value to Galician products and in particular to adapt to the consumer demands, paying special attention to the relationship between nutrition and health.

The aim is to position the Galician food sector as a supplier of safe, functional and quality food products.

In the first edition of 2015, this award was granted to Conservas Calvo and its Market Cuisine for children between 7 and 12 years old, which included recipes of mini hamburgers of tuna and chicken, which result of great interest for approaching the children to a balanced diet based on the required nutritional profile, in addition to its commercial potential, design and possibility to add value to Galician products.

In the second edition of 2016 this award was granted to the Calabizo, product of the company Fiablone, for being the first vegetable sausage elaborated in a traditional way, with appearance, texture, aroma and traditional chorizo flavour, adapting to consumer demands and the growing trend in recent years of new meat substitutes and health claims. At the same time to add value by the use of raw materials of Galician origin to relaunch products of the traditional cuisine.

In the third edition of 2017 the company granted with the prize was Granja Campomayor with its Egg cooked at Low Temperature. It is an innovative product, being the first egg produced in the industrial scale with these characteristics, considering that nowadays the egg at low temperature is a product limited to high cuisine restaurants elaborated at the moment of the consumption.

The innovative process of preparation by cooking the egg, inside its shell, that requires an exhaustive control of the different parameters, in particular of the temperature. The final product has particular properties with solidified egg white and liquid yolk, achieving an unique flavour and texture.

In the fifth edition, the winner of the Premio Galicia Alimentación 2019 to the innovative product was Freshcut de Galisfresh for its range of spreadable vegetable products of olive oil and spread of vegan sobrasada. This entity stands out for developing products destined to satisfy the needs of the different markets in a healthy and balanced manner, making use of 100% natural ingredients and without additives, selected at source and of the highest quality and in a convenient format adapted to the new ones forms of consumption.