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In order to improve the positioning of Galician food companies in the markets, the internationalization and adapt to the consumer trends the Strategic Plan of the Galician Food Cluster defines associated to Line 3. Markets and internationalization; access to new markets and adapt to consumer trends, the following measures:

Measure 3.1. Development of information services, analysis and prospecting of markets and consumption trends

Measure 3.2. Organization of joint commercial promotion actions; Projection of the brand "Galicia" in the food sector

Measure 3.3. Promotion of networks and commercial alliances and support to the internationalization of companies

Measure 3.4. Improving the positioning in the markets, through collaborative actions by market segments and distribution channels

Measure 3.5. Boosting the links of food companies with gastronomy and tourism and boosting new marketing channels

In addition to building the intangible value of a brand, associated with Galicia, which is recognised and valued worldwide as a synonym for excellence in food and beverages, a Territorial Marketing Plan will be executed.