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The main objective of Galician Food Cluster, according to the Statutes, is "to contribute to the strengthening, enhancement, sustainable growth and improving competitiveness and internationalization of the food sector in Galicia". With this aim, the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan establish five strategic objectives:

1. Develop a culture of innovation and promote the dissemination and application of knowledge

2. Promote the generation of added value through the development of new products and / or processes and safety and food quality

3. Improve productivity and sustainability and move towards the factory of the future

4. Strengthen the market position; internationalization and adaptation to consumer trends

5. Strengthen the cooperation dynamics and networking among the partners of the Cluster, and consolidate the structure and projection of the Galician Food Cluster

The first four objectives have a 'finalist' character and are related to aspects of the sector which CLUSAGA aims to influence as a priority. While the fifth, presents an instrumental role: enhancing the cooperation dynamics between partners and the consolidation of the cluster, not ends in themselves but a condition for achieving the other objectives.