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The Galician Food Cluster defines the organisational structure in the articles of association and internal regulations, being composed of two types of bodies:

  • Government bodies, managing and administrating the association: the President, the Vice-president and the Management Board and the General Assembly.
  • Temporary technical bodies to provide advice or to develop specific scientific-technological or technical activities. These can be divided into three categories: committees, advisory groups and working groups.

The main task of the management board is to manage the activities of the association, being composed of a group of managers of the companies and representatives of leading institutions and organisations with a key role in the Galician food sector.

The schedule of activities is set by the committees that bring a vast experience and knowledge to their area of expertise, while the advisory groups and working groups are those defining and executing specific actions and developing concrete and collaborative projects.

The committees and their areas of competence are defined in the Strategic Plan of the Galician Food Cluster, being aligned with the central axes of action therein contained: the Market and Internationalisation Committee and the R&D and innovation Committee. Furthermore, the constitution of an Institutional Committee is defined, in order to establish a stable channel for relations with the various public bodies and institutions. In turn, the committees define the creation of specialised subcommittees on specific topics, completing the organisational chart of the CLUSAGA

Furthermore, the technological and competitive intelligence unit (Unitec) integrates the staff team of the Galician Food Cluster, whose mission is to implement and activate the measures and actions defined in the Strategic Plan, as well as to coordinate the operation of the committees and working groups.