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Smart sensor systems for food safety, quality control and resource efficiency in the food processing industry (S3Food) is a project that aims to facilitate the digitalization of the food processing industry. For this, it will work on the incorporation of intelligent sensors in the production processes that allow the generation of digital data for its further treatment and exploitation through the use of big data.

Within the project, a broad cross-sector community will be established in which companies from the agri-food sector, 4.0 technology suppliers and machinery producers will participate, which will allow the creation of new cross-border industrial value chains.

Objectives of the S3Food project

S3Food helps digitize food processing through five phases:

  • Phase one. Analyze how smart sensors can work in each company.
  • Phase two. Training and networking among the participants.
  • Phase three. Participation in different events.
  • Phase four. Development of the idea with a personalized training.
  • Phase five. Obtain funds to implement the project.

The incorporation of intelligent sensors in the digitalization of the industry will allow to improve the efficiency and quality, achieve a sustainable production and product and improve food safety.

Small and medium-sized companies from Europe can participate in the project.

Participants of S3Food

The 13 partners that make up the S3Food project are: Innoskart ICT Cluster, Flanders' Food, Agrifood Capital BV, Navarre Industry Association, Research Association of Meat Industries of the Principality of Asturias, Bretagne Developpmente Innovation, Galician Food Cluster, CORALLIA, Danish Food Cluster, DSP Valley, Food-Processing Initiative EV and Wagralim.

The project is funded by the European Union's Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020.