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The Strategic Plan of the Galician Food Cluster 2016-2020 defines four lines of action, hierarchised in two main axes (L1 and L3), a dynamic horizontal axe (L2) and an instrumental axe (L4), that contribute to the strategic objectives.

  • L1: Promotion of R&D&I and strengthening of the innovative capacity
  • L2: Human capital, entrepreneurship, and progress towards the factory of the future
  • L3: Markets and internationalisation; access to new markets and adapt to consumer trends
  • L4. Consolidation and projection of the Galician Food Cluster

Besides, in its area of activity, a scale of operational objectives and activities are defined, from the lowest to the highest level in terms of the degree of cooperation between the involved actors is identified: (i) capturing and disseminating strategic information; (ii) identifying strategic challenges and potential synergies; (iii) evaluate the identified potential synergies, (iv) and identifying and promoting cooperation groups with common interests to generate cooperation projects. Thus, the dynamic cooperation is boosted among industry players, parallel to the competition, due to the fact that networking among the CLUSAGA partners is a key aspect for achieving the objectives.

Plan estratégico Clusaga 2016 2020 Ris 3 Agenda 4.0