Markets e internationalization

the objective is to reinforce the positioning of companies in the markets; internationalization and adaptation to consumer trends.

The Strategic Plan for the Food Cluster of Galicia establishes, in its “Axis 3. Markets and internationalization; access to new markets and adaptation to consumption trends”, the following measures:

  • Development of information services, analysis and prospecting of consumer markets and trends
  • Organization of joint commercial promotion actions; projection of the Galicia brand image in the food sector
  • Promotion of networks and commercial alliances and support for the internationalization of companies
  • Improved positioning in the markets, through collaborative actions by market segments and distribution channels
  • Strengthening the links of food companies with gastronomy and tourism and promoting new marketing channels

The purpose is to build the intangible value of a brand, associated with Galicia, that is recognized and valued internationally as excellence in food and beverages, as stated in the Territorial Marketing Plan of the Galician Food Cluster.